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Cameroon to allow 25,000 fans into WC qualifier against Cote d'Ivoire******

YAOUNDE, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Cameroon will allow up to 25,000 fans to enter the stadium to watch the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Cote d'Ivoire, according to the country's minister of Public Health, Manaouda Malachie.。

The game is scheduled to take place at Japoma Stadium, with a capacity of 50,000, in the economic hub of Douala on November 16.。

Only fans with negative PCR test result will be allowed to enter the stadium, Malachie said in a statement made public on Friday.。

He said that mobile teams will be deployed to ensure that rapid results are delivered to those tested.。

Cameroon opened its stadia to limited number of fans last month after playing games behind closed doors since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.。

Next week's match will witness the highest number of fans since the authorities began relaxing anti-COVID-19 measures in stadia.。

The Central African nation is also getting set to host Africa's biggest football event, Africa Cup of Nations from January 9 to February 6 next year. Enditem。

陕西部分高校调节期末考试時间 提前执行春天学期教学计划******


西北政法大学自2022年1月4日起,提前实行2021—2022学年春天学年教学方案,春节前按4个教学周提前准备,本学期线上教学截止时间视肺炎疫情局势和领导规定届时。与此同时,分配在这周举办的选修课程及一部分基础课网上当堂考试。原本定于2022年1月4日—13日举办的基础课 集中化考试,延迟至下期新学期开学初开展,实际考试時间将提前一周通告。




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HK Poprad upset HKM Zvolen with late goals in Slovak ice hockey league******

BRATISLAVA, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- As the Covid epidemic keeps worsening in Slovakia, two out of the six scheduled fixtures of the 19th round of the ice-hockey premiership Tipos Extraliga had to be postponed.。

The remaining matches offered thrilling scoring performances as league leader HC Slovan Bratislava managed to put pucks into HC '05 Banska Bystrica's net on the 7-4 win, HK Poprad outscored reigning champions HKM Zvolen 6-5 thanks to Mike Dalhuisen's two last-period goals. HK Dukla Trencin put up yet another high-scoring game against newcomer HK Spisska Nova Ves away 5-4 in overtime, and HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce grabbed the second spot in the standings after defeating the bottom-ranked MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas 4-2.。

Ninth-ranked HC '05 Banska Bystrica was intent on snapping its three-game losing streak on Tuesday. Still, the league-leading HC Slovan Bratislava showed no appreciation towards this effort and put on an offensive show, scoring a total of seven goals on 38 shots on target, effectively stretching its winning streak to three in a row. Three home-team players managed to score twice - the Canadian center Brant Harris, the American forward William Rapuzzi, and his fellow countryman Andrew Yogan also assisted on three goals to finish the night with a whopping 5 points.。

An identical portion of 11 goals was also scored in Poprad. The home team battled the champions of the previous season HKM Zvolen, who had a bad start but are now gunning for the top spot in the standings arrived with three consecutive victories under their belt. Contrary to the match in Bratislava, this one was much more evenly matched, and both teams traded blows and took turns in taking the lead.。

Four minutes into the third period, HKM Zvolen took the lead for the third time after the 19-year-old forward Maros Jedlicka's fifth goal of the season. But later came a great stretch for Poprad's Dutch defenseman Mike Dalhuisen who tied the game with 5 minutes left on the clock when his shot from the blue line found its way in and in the penultimate minute turned the game around with his second of the night, setting the final score to 6-5 after a similar play.。

In a similar thrilling fashion, Trencin and Spisska Nova Ves kept trading blows throughout the whole game, and visiting Canadian forward Dante Salituro managed to tie the game during a powerplay in the final minute and push it into overtime on his debut after transferring from the French team of Scorpions Mulhouse. However, two minutes into OT, Trencin's forward Josef Mikyska scored the game-winner.。

HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce's hunt for pole position in the Tipos Extraliga continues. The struggling and last-ranked MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas was no significant hurdle on Tuesday. The visitors scored twice in each of the first two periods to put the game away at 4-2 in the end and move to second place in the standings, trailing Slovan Bratislava by two points now. Enditem。

Russia, Ukraine end 3rd round of peace talks with no significant results******


Russian and Ukrainian negotiators pose prior to the talks in Belarus' Brest region on March 7, 2022.

Russian and Ukrainian negotiators failed to achieve significant results during their third round of peace talks in Belarus on Monday.

"The discussions continued on political and military aspects. However, it remains difficult. It is too early to talk about something positive," Russian presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, also the head of the Russian delegation, said following the talks.

Russian negotiators brought a large set of documents, including specific agreements, but the Ukrainian side could not sign them on the spot and took all these documents back home for study, he told reporters.

"To be honest, our expectations from the talks were not met. But we hope that next time we will be able to take a more significant step forward," Medinsky said after the meeting, which lasted nearly three hours at the Belovezhskaya Pushcha on the Belarus-Poland border.

Both sides addressed the issue of civilian evacuation, and the Ukrainian side assured Russia that the humanitarian corridors will start working on Tuesday, he said.

"There was some positive progress when it comes to improving the logistics of humanitarian corridors," Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the Head of the President's Office of Ukraine, tweeted after the negotiations.

"Today there were no results that would significantly improve the situation. Nevertheless, I emphasize once again that the consultations will continue," Podoliak said in a video message posted on Twitter.

台军用"古董大炮"演练颜面尽失 将试射"无限高"找面子



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